The New Year!

Finally grown up, all the dreams are turning into reality!

Another year has passed and slowly but surely I’m reaching my goals. Last year was quite eventful, and I’m proud to acknowledge how much I’ve grown.

The foundation for the rest of my life has been set and I’m more than ready to take the world on!

My first novel is scheduled to be published later this year and for that I am both extremely proud and grateful. It had been quite a roller coaster coaster ride but with the support aof loved ones and determination, I made it.

My love for writing got me through and I hope that it will be a great read for all.  Though the story is fiction, there are a number of themes that affect normal modern day lives and readers will be able to identify with the characters. Look out for more on the book and other aspects of my creativity!



Education is the key that can unlock the mind of our nation, freeing us from mental slavery and providing an opportunity for widespread prosperity, but instead, it is used to further segment and drive deeper wedges between the  various classes. Wits university is just one example of this dilemma. Students across the nation are often declined an opportunity to complete their studies due to insufficient funds as a result of coming from a previously disadvantaged background. This does not only create an imbalance in statistics but an imbalance in societies and in our economy. A vast majority of South Africa’s labour force is made up of unskilled workers while there is a shortage of skilled workers, resulting in outsourcing and importing an alarming number of the goods consumed by  South Africans annually. The increase in exports has a negative impact on the country’s GDP and the economy has become stagnant over the years with a rise in inflation.

When students are segmented according to class and not given equal opportunities this results in the country experiencing larger problems because the poor and the under privalleged make up a larger portion of of the population than the other classes.

Students should not be separated by their backgrounds to ensure continual growth in our country. The failure to do this will result in a collapse of the economy and even the wealthy will feel the effects of that.


The definition of being a South African has changed over the years with various complexities that may result in conflict, forgiveness, growth, denial, acceptance and so much more.

One can never fully understand exactly who they are or what they stand for because life is about continueous growth and expanding our horizon. Every day we discover and uncover feelings, tthoughts, emotions and ideas that contribute to our very being.

Who I am today, may not be who I will be tomorrow or next week. Instead of tying ourselves down and chaining ourselves to our past, let us celebrate it, and celebrate our differences as well.

Let us free our minds to allow us to follow our dreams and accomplish the impossible.

With this I would like to wish every South African in the world today a Heritage day to remember.